Informationen zum neuen Moodle

Informationen zum neuen Moodle

by Jule Ellen Geisler -
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Welcome to the new Moodle of the FernUniversität in Hagen!

Perhaps you have already had a look around, perhaps you are here for the first time. In any case, we hope you like it.

In this article, we would like to answer a few questions that we are regularly asked about this change and explain a few things that may be important for the course of your studies:

Why the change?
So far, we have been using three Moodle platforms for teaching at the FernUniversität: moodle-ksw, moodle-wrm and moodle-psy. In addition, there is the "open" Moodle platform and moodle-pruefungen, which means that the Moodle team at the ZDI and ZLI have to maintain, service and keep five platforms up to date. Settings, changes and updates have to be carried out five times. We provide daily support for five platforms. Merging them frees up more resources, speeds up updates and makes it easier to connect other systems. But the merger also has advantages for you as a user: Centrally offered courses can now be offered on one platform, which is the standard Moodle platform used by everyone. Users no longer need profiles on multiple platforms. Cross-course offerings or studying at several faculties will be more convenient.

What will happen to the old Moodle platforms?
The Moodle platforms wrm, ksw and psy will become archives in the summer semester, which can still be used with read-only access for at least four semesters. Content can no longer be edited, but can be read and saved. We will, of course, communicate before the platforms are finally switched off. However, access to old courses will not last forever, so please ensure that you save all relevant content locally in good time.
The open platform, the examination platform and the research instances will be upgraded directly to the new Moodle version - without moving or archiving.

I have noticed that something in my course is not working as it used to/should. What can I do?
It is possible that errors have crept in during the changeover. Together with our colleagues in the faculties' media didactics departments, we did our best to fix all these problems before the start of the semester, but of course we may still have overlooked something. If you notice anything, please contact the helpdesk at

Please remember to change your personal settings!
Your profile details, message and forum settings and visibility settings have not been adopted. You will need to reset these in your profile. Please take your time and adjust the settings to suit you best.